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Access Control

October 2001 will see the introduction of Access Control systems in both the Science Library (DMS Watson Building) and the Institute of Archaeology Library.

To enter (and exit) either of these libraries, you will have to swipe your library card through a special reader. As long as you are registered with the Library, the gate will recognise your barcode and allow you through the turnstile.

Both pictures: The Access Control system in use at SSEES

This development will improve the security of the buildings enormously and will also allow the Library to collect more accurate management information on patterns of use. The information collected will then feed into decisions about Library services - for instance, longer opening hours.

UCL students, most UCL staff and all external borrowers will be able to use the gates straightaway, as the system will recognise the barcode already on the back of their card. However, existing reference only users will need to obtain a barcode to be able to operate the turnstile. Similarly, UCL members who have until now gained access to the Library simply by showing their card, without ever formally registering, will now need to do so. To deal with this, there will be a new Membership Desk sited at the entrance to the refurbished DMS Watson Building. This should ensure that obtaining a barcode is a quick and painless procedure.

It is envisaged that the system will be extended to the Main Library and some other sites in the summer of 2002.

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