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Newsletter (not a link)
Rare Discovery
One of only three copies of a fifteenth century book in existence identified in a Library collection. More
Looking at eUCLid
New improvements to the Library's online catalogue. More
ELIB Even Better
The Library's ELIB database service improved - now available on WTS and many more different systems. More

Access Control
New Access Control system for the Science Library and the Institute of Archaeology. More

Access to Core Course Materials
A project looking into the feasibility of electronic course materials being made available through the Library. More
Articles on Request
Trial service of supplying individual journal articles to start in the Autumn term. More
Meet the IT Services Group
Find out about this small Library group that is involved in all areas of the Library's operations. More
Institute of Orthopaedics Library
Find out about the key UCL library. More
New Issue Desk
New issue desk to be fitted as part of the Science Library improvements. More
Free current awareness service from the British Library available now. More

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