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Meet the C.C.U Team

Photo of the CCU Team
Back from left: Bill Lehm, Richard Jalowik, Tom Meehan, Robert Atkinson, Joan Brennan, Nathan Newey Front from left: Jacky Stavri, Marisa Doyle, Jing Cai, Hannah Willians, Anne Chesher, Kalyani Goswami, Kylia Eastwell. Not pictured: Janice Paine, Jessica Haynes, Clare Paul, Louise Chitre, Helen Dunning

The CCU (Central Cataloguing Unit) performs a vital role within Library Services. The staff of the CCU are responsible for the acquisition and cataloguing of all items acquired for the central library sites, and one or two of the outlying sites.

There are three different areas of work with which the Unit is concerned. There is the Acquisitions team, headed by Joan Brennan. They receive book orders from Subject Librarians on "yellow forms". They search external databases for existing bibliographic records for the items which, when found, are downloaded. Once a record is on the system, they create an order record for that item, and send this off to a chosen supplier. When the item has arrived in the Library they accession it and pass it on for cataloguing.

The team responsible for cataloging new acquisitions, is headed by Richard Jalowik. Their aim is to produce timely, high quality catalogue records adhering to the standards of AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed. Rev.) in the MARC21 format.

Jacky Stavri deals with the cataloguing of items that are not new acquisitions. She spends some of her week at the Store in Wickford "enhancing" old records and creating new records for items that have been sent there. For the is based in the CCU and has responsibility for cataloguing certain categories of material. She also helps out the current cataloguing team.

Robert Atkinson has overall responsibility for the management of the Unit.

Content by Robert Atkinson

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