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From the start of the academic year 2000/2001, full members of UCL will be eligible for full borrowing membership of the University of London Library (ULL), housed in Senate House. This is true for students registered for a degree course at UCL, academic staff (paid through the payroll of Colleges/Institutes) and visiting academic staff teaching, or otherwise integrated, in UCL. Members of library staff on both the central sites and in the merged institutions are also covered.
Senate  House in the University of London
The website for the University
Senate House building in the University of London
of London Library can be found at University of London Library is one of the major academic libraries of the United Kingdom serving the University of London and the wider research communities nationally and internationally. It specialises in research material in the arts, humanities and social sciences, also providing for the wider needs of taught course students. The Library collects in a wide number of areas of interest to members in UCL including: anthropology, archaeology, art history, classics, economics, english, european languages, geography, history, latin american studies, law, maps, palaeography, philosophy, politics, psychology, romance languages, sociology, UK official publications, United States Studies.

Of particular importance to UCL is the ULL's collection of current humanities periodicals. This collection is unique in the University of London and is not duplicated by the holdings at UCL. The collection is rich in research material and is a 'must' for all those engaged in scholarly research in the arts and humanities. This collection complements the holdings of the British Library at St Pancras and ishoused in comfortable accommodation in the ULL itself.

One of the great benefits of membership of the ULL is the ability to borrow material. Most Library users can borrow up to 6 books for 6 weeks, unless they are required by another user. You can renew your books over the phone at the number given on your Library card or over the Internet by connecting to ULL's online catalogue. Please make sure that you get a message confirming the renewal. It should be noted, however, that there are no word-processing facilities in the Library although e-mail facilities targetted for downloading data and the use of databases is possible. In some cases, however, the use of UCL authentication will be required. ULL does not itself provide email accounts for users.

How do you register? You need to take your UCL ID card plus your current sessional card to the membership desk in ULL in order to register to use these library facilities. UCL invests a significant amount of money to make the stock and services of ULL available to its members. So do make use of this wonderful opportunity. It is one of the real benefits of studying at UCL.

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