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The Subject Support Unit is responsible for the delivery of the Library’s Teaching Collection and Study Packs and the checking of reading lists. The purpose of both the Teaching Collection and the Study Packs is to facilitate access to materials in high demand. The collection consists of photocopies of journal articles, book extracts and lecture notes which teaching staff wish to make available to their students. The copies are kept in envelopes at the Main, Science, Environmental Studies and Institute of Archaeology Issue Desks, and are normally issued for 3 hour periods or overnight from 4 p.m. However, they may be given a 2-day loan status on request. Each item is given a running number (e.g. SCIENCE 2546).

Students can locate the item and its number by looking in the Library’s electronic catalogue by Author and Title, as they would a book. It is also possible for students to search for items by entering the department and course code in a ‘Keyword’ search (e.g. Anthropology B105).

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To enable items to be catalogued correctly all extracts must be accompanied by a completed Teaching Collection Form, available from Issue Desks and the SSU, giving details of the author, title, date of publication and source of the extract, as well as the depositor’s name, course number and number of students.

The SSU is managed by Martin Reid who is also Subject Librarian for Law. Day-to-day supervision is undertaken by Clare Paul who is assisted by Danielle Gregg and Emily Powell.

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