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UCL’s Department of Human Communication Science (HCS) was, until 1995, the National Hospital of Neurology’s College of Speech Sciences, and provides training in speech and language therapy and related professions. The Department (which was recently awarded the maximum score of 24/24 by the HEFCE Quality Assurance Agency) teaches a BSc in Speech Sciences and two taught postgraduate courses, as well as offering research programmes, and a diploma/certificate in special needs education.

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The Library has three full time members of staff (Stevie Russell, Breege Whiten and Sharon James) looking after a busy library containing approximately 5000 books and over 2000 journals, as well as audiovisual and other materials, on a wide range of subjects related to speech and language (e.g., linguistics, psychology, neurology, autism, dyslexia, stuttering, bilingualism, voice, sign language, brain injury, etc.). The Library also holds an important historical archive of books on speech and lanuage and over 100 video recordings, but the most interesting feature is the Test Collection. This is a unique collection of approximately 500 assessment tests, used for the diagnosis and assessment of language development and disorders, which range in format from simple checklists of words and pictures, to briefcases full of cuddly toys and games.

HCS Library has established itself as the National Information Centre for Speech and Language Therapy, providing information services to speech therapists and other health practitioners.

The Library has recently extended its professional links beyond the UK, as the Department of Human Communication Science is one of the partners involved in a bid for EU funding to create a multilingual database of European speech and language material.

Other recent developments at HCS Library include the migration from its own local library management system, Heritage, to the UCL-wide Aleph system, which is due to be completed in May 2000. Both catalogues are currently available on the Library website at:

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