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The History and Combine options can provide shortcuts when you are using the catalogue for subject searches. Usually a single enquiry statement is not enough to do a thorough search: you may have to think of synonyms or broader and narrower terms as well. For example, a keyword search on "French films" will produce a different group of titles from one on "French cinema" or "cinéma français" (not to mention "motion pictures".....). eUCLid keeps a record of each search you make during a session and you can return to any previous search via the History option (in the left-hand frame). These searches can then be re-used: either Combine sets with AND, OR, NOT, or Modify them with extra terms. This can save you retyping a complicated search statement for each enquiry.


Inter-Library Loan requests submitted after 9th March 2000 can be viewed on eUCLid by checking your user record. Each request will have a two letter status code. The codes are explained at the end of the list of requests on the eUCLid screen. Charges will appear on your library record. Notification of arrival of a loan is sent by either e-mail or post.

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