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T he Rockefeller Medical Library at Queen Square is jointly funded by the Institute of Neurology and the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery (UCLH) and is the recognised specialist library for neurology in the University of London. The Institute formally merged with UCL in 1997.

The Library houses a very specialised collection of some 13,000 bound journals from the 1850’s to date, 160 current journal subscriptions, 11,000 books and monographs and a unique and important historical collection of approximately 3,000 volumes. The Library also includes the National Hospital’s nursing collection and is staffed by three full-time and two part-time staff. We are open to all staff and students from UCL & UCLH, plus a range of other organisations and NHS Trusts. Full details of our holdings are on the Library website.

Charles Bell, Anatomy of the Brain, 1802brain.bmp (46618 bytes) From the RML's Historical Collection

Founded in 1950, when the Institute of Neurology was formally established, the collection is based upon a much older collection from the National Hospital, which was founded in 1860. The Library has moved several times over the years, its original site being next to what was the Rockefeller Ward in the National Hospital (hence the name). It now occupies the first floor of 23 Queen Square.

The past few years have been ones of rapid change and development. Major landmarks include: re-automation in 1994, a complete refurbishment in 1995, conversion of all the card catalogue records to computer records in 1996, introduction of the web catalogue (including Z39.50 access) and Library web pages in 1997, a major review of journal subscriptions and book stock, dramatic increase in library use, online reading lists and tutorials for students at Queen Square, the launch of a web-based staff publications database, and an additional full- time member of staff in 1998.

Highlights of 1999 include:re-classification of the book stock, the introduction of a web-based patient support service, a re-write and re-design of the Library web pages, and the introduction of our new LibInfo Library Information e-mail list.

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