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The Bath Information & Data Services have for a number of years provided us with online access to the ISI Citation Indexes, amongst other services. But this route to the Citation Indexes will no longer be available after July 2000. The replacement service comes from MIMAS, at the University of Manchester, and is now in operation under the banner of Web of Science. Of course, Science must here be understood classically, because the databases offered include, as well as the Science Citation Index and the Index of Scientific & Technical Proceedings, the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index; the three Citation Indexes offer indexing of journal contents back to 1981.

The Web of Science service uses the same ATHENS usernames and passwords as BIDS (members of UCL can register at one of the Library enquiry desks), and the login screen (web access only) can be found at:

The interface to the indexes and the facilities provided in Web of Science differ from those at BIDS - with some losses and some gains; for instance, WoS allows simultaneous searching of multiple databases, but does not have the Autojournals feature.

BIDS will continue to offer access to other services, such as the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (1951- ). But anyone who depends on it for use of the Citation Indexes should be preparing to switch to the Web of Science before the end of the current session.

Journal Citation Reports

Online access to the annual Journal Citation Reports is now available via the MIMAS web site at:

It requires login with an ATHENS username and password. JCR is a research tool for journal evaluation, using citation data. It is available annually in two editions: The Science Edition contains data from roughly 5,000 journals in the areas of science and technology. The Social Sciences Edition contains data from roughly 1,500 journals in the social sciences. Data is now available for 1997 and 1998.

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