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Library News Issue No.1 informed users of the new library store at Belnor House. We are now working to enable users to be able to place electronic requests via eUCLid for material which is in store, speeding and improving the retrieval process even further.

In just the same way as placing a reservation for an item which is on loan, the user will identify the store book on eUCLid then request its retrieval.

When the book arrives, usually within 24hours, a notice will be generated advising the reader of its availability: it will also be possible for the user to see this online by checking their record via eUCLid.

eUCLid1.jpg (12497 bytes)

Journal volume/part requests require more development work - there is a record on eUCLid for each journal title but not for the individual volumes. We shall be working on this aspect of the service during 2000 with the aim of having a request process in place later in the year.

The existing methods for store requests (email, via the Web form, via a paper form) will continue to be available. However, items requested via eUCLid will often be delivered more quickly as the requests will be transmitted directly to the store.

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