Ask a librarian: Dave Bamford, Library Attendant

Describe what you do in the Library: I joined the UCL last June as a member of the team of Library attendants

What was you first paid job? I was lucky enough to leave school at 17 when the band I was in secured a record deal that paid! However, at times I needed to supplement this income as variously, a laboratory technician, a carrot quality inspector, an agricultural laborer and a sales assistant in a record shop.

What do you do in your spare time? Drummers are always in demand and I currently rehearse and perform with four bands. I'm also studying horticulture and will be attending an Afro-Latin percussion course at Goldsmiths College over the summer.

Last CD you bought? I normally buy music on vinyl. The last record I bought was Greatest Hits Volume 2 by Wesley Willis, a 6' 5" tall, 350lb. schizophrenic from Chicago. I did recently buy British Bird Sounds on CD however, compiled by the National Sound Archive at the British Library.

Last book you read? The Bible According To Spike Milligan.

Last film you saw? The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Favourite web site?

What one thing would you change about the Library if you could? I would like to put access control turnstiles at the Main Library entrance. I believe that this is part of the refurbishment plan for next year and will be looking forward to it.

Name the three things you'd take to a desert island: Drum kit, massive stereo and the Dead Kennedys' back catalogue.

Favourite food?: Chickpea and potato curry, Trinidadian style.