Ask a librarian: Ruth Dar

Describe what you do in the Library and how long you've been here: I am the American History and Art Librarian, and gardener to the Library. I came to UCL from SSEES in 1969.

What was your first paid job? At age 14 I worked Thursday evenings and Saturdays on Woolworth's cosmetics counter.

Last book you read? Just finished Stupid White Men, and have Artists on the left: American artists and the Communist movement, 1926-1956 on the go.

Last CD you bought? I bought John Lee Hooker: I'm in the mood and Odetta at the Tin Whistle together.

Your favourite website? Google.

What one thing would you change about the Library if you could? I'd put in state-of-the-art IT. There would be a wireless environment, PCs could be used at every desk and we'd have some to loan out.

What three things would you take to a desert island? A short-wave radio, my Swiss army-knife and Robert Redford.

What makes you cross? Litter; apostrophes mis-used in plural nouns; the use of "have a chat to" instead of "with"; cyclists on the pavement; litter; people who fail to signal or do so only after the light turns.

Favourite food? Lobster with a simple lemon/butter sauce, fresh asparagus, potatoes floating in butter and topped with sour cream, and a Caesar salad, accompanied by a white Burgundy - eaten on a warm evening looking out over a lake or ocean at the setting sun.