Recent electronic additions

Source OECD: The majority of OECD publications - books, journals, and statistics - are now online and available to members of UCL at their publisher's website Titles include OECD Historical Statistics, the Main Economic Indicators, Main Science & Technology Indicators, and the Quarterly Labour Force Statistics. Most of the publications can be downloaded in .pdf format; statistics from the statistical databases can be exported into spreadsheets.

Kluwer Journals: Library Services now subscribes to this e-journal package, which provides access to over 700 full text journals for an array of subjects including science and technology, medicine, humanities and law.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) is an important resource dedicated to the speedy dissemination of new developments in computer science and its applications. About 200 volumes of monographs, refereed conference proceedings and other multi-author works are published each year. The Library has recently taken out a subscription which gives full-text access to the entire LNCS archive, including the sub-series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence.

Project Muse: Project Muse is another substantial collection of over 100 journals in the arts and humanities field now available electronically.

Full-text access to all of these resources is available from any networked UCL computer. Off-site access to SourceOECD, Kluwer and LNCS is possible with a personal ATHENS username and password

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