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Also joining the UCL family of libraries is the Library at the Royal Free Campus. This follows the merger between the UCL and Royal Free Hospital Medical Schools. A staff of twelve provides a full range of campus oriented services in support of teaching, learning and research within the Medical School. Services are additionally focused towards the support of local staff of the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust in clinical practice, education and training and research activities.

Library facilities cover traditional and electronic resources, including electronic journals, databases and computer-assisted learning materials. Specialist services are also offered such as an extensive collection of catalogues of film and video material, a book and journal current awareness service and online search services via a range of online hosts.

An extensive programme of information teaching skills is available, taking advantage of the electronic study area facilities launched earlier in 1999. The programme is aimed at students, timetabled within the curriculum where possible, and staff of the Medical School and NHS Trust.

The Medical Library has been actively involved in the development of the OMNI service and was one of the original ONMI partners, making a special contribution in the area of quality and evaluation. The ONMI guidelines for resource evaluation, for example, were developed as a result of a work package undertaken at the Royal Free.

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