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Meet...the library attendants

The Library Attendants are the first staff you meet in the Main and Science Libraries. They wield great power. They request your ID, order you to leave, confiscate your water bottle, tell you to switch off your mobile phone. They are the authoritative figures who investigate if the alarm sounds while you are leaving. Yet they are also the friendly people who will help you if you lose your purse or can't find your book. Steve Sutton (2nd from right), the Head Attendant, has worked here since 1990. He prides himself on being firm but fair, and little escapes his eagle eye. Steve is also a crossword enthusiast and Spurs fan. We don't have a photo of Stan Jeffreys, who is in charge in the Science Library, but you'll recognise him by his smart uniform.

The Library Attendants

Mike Hardy (far right), in the Science Library, says he enjoys having access to so many books. He ensures that everybody keeps the rules and likes Library users. Paul Robinson (far left), in the Main Library, is also an enthusiastic reader who enjoys meeting people. This job is a complete contrast to his other life in the music world.

In the evenings, Alex Russell (2nd from left) works in the Science Library. Alex also enjoys meeting people, and has another life with interests as a journalist.

In the Main Library in the evenings you will find John Shaw (not pictured), the newest and most scholarly member of the Library Attendant Team.

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