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Spring of 1999 saw the long overdue refurbishment of the Institute of Laryngology and Otology Library, one of the smaller medical libraries in the UCL family of libraries. Located in the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital on Gray's Inn Road, the ILO Library serves members of the Institute, the Hospital and of UCL.

Initial meetings began in autumn of last year and the main aims were to increase the number of user spaces, to relocate the issue desk, to transfer computers, photocopiers and other noisy equipment away from quiet reading areas, to provide a separate and secure area for the library's historical collection and, finally, to install a library security system.

After a number of attempts a suitable plan was agreed which met all the requirements though, until tenders were received, it was unclear whether it would fall within the 70,000 budget provided by the Institute. The project was put out to tender and a contractor chosen. It had been decided to employ contractors who would work over Easter 1999 in order to spare readers the worst of the disruption.

By Monday 12th April 1999 the building and decorating work had been completed, new lighting installed and the rewiring and network connections finished. Efficient co-ordination made it possible for the carpets to be laid one day, the shelving delivered and installed the next and on the Thursday some of the new furniture arrived. On the Friday the books returned from store and after some final touches the Library re-opened on Monday 19th April, one week ahead of schedule.

All the aims of the refurbishment were met. The number of user places increased to ten with ample space for study. Three network computers are now available to users, along with new video and television  facilities in order to allow users to view the growing number of ENT and facial plastic surgery videos. The issue desk has been relocated to provide staff with an overall view of the Library, including a vision panel through into the smaller section of the Library for computers. A separate room was refurbished, giving secure accommodation for the Library's historical collection and for equipment to run the Ariel document delivery service. A 3M security system was installed to protect the collection. In the months following the improvements Library usage has increased.

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