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eUCLid has landed

Autumn 1999 sees the launch of our new library management system replacing Libertas. For the first time in living memory, it will be possible to access from one place records of material held in all parts of the UCL family of libraries. Introduced initially in the former 'Libertas libraries,' the new system will in the course of the next twelve months be rolled out to all sites, including those whose catalogues have previously been separate from Libertas. We hope in addition, in summer 2000, to incorporate the holdings of our new colleagues at SSEES and the Eastman Dental Institute. One borrower card will then enable library members to use all library sites.

Selecting and implementing the new system has been a major team effort: the result is tangible evidence of how members of the Education & Information Support Division, working together, can provide quality services to College and beyond. The new system, Aleph, from the Israeli company Ex Libris Ltd, is offering us opportunites to improve services to our users. The most obvious change is the appearance of the OPAC. The new catalogue, named 'eUCLid,' is accessed via a web browser and is designed to be easy to use while offering sophisticated search capabilities. Terminals dedicated to eUCLid access will be situated on all library sites; users connecting from their offices or from public clusters will be able to exploit additional functionality such as links to the full text of electronic journals to which we subscribe. eUCLid's URL is:

Many users, especially those who often use the web, will need little help in getting started with eUCLid. But for those who would appreciate a guided tour, walk-in sessions will be held in the Catalogue Hall, Main Library. Subject Librarians will also be able to help and will be including OPAC demonstrations in the library tours offered to all new students.

We have not transfered to the new system details of loans which were made on Libertas, so until mid-October it may be necessary to check both eUCLid and Libertas to confirm whether or not books are on loan or should be on the shelves. We hope users will bear with this slight inconvenience.

From the point of view of library staff things are also very different. Gone are the character-based dumb terminals; staff now use PCs for their work and are starting to become familiar with the Aleph Windows interface.

Many staff are taking advantage of the new IS service to deliver Windows NT applications via their desktop Managed PCs, enabling them to integrate aspects of their work in a way not previously possible. We welcome comments on any aspect of Aleph, via the 'Contact Us' button on the Library website or email

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