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The Eastman Dental Institute merged with UCL on 1st August. The Information Centre was officially opened in January 1998, by the then Provost, Sir Derek Roberts. The current membership is approximately 700 (and climbing!)

The IC serves the hospital/clinical population and the Institute researchers, as well as the various support and administration services. The new centre now has a strong emphasis on the development of electronic sources, including full Internet access, a computer cluster teaching room, 24 hour access and even specialist services such as slide scanning and colour printing. The IC continues to look for new areas in which to expand such as tele-conferencing and computer-assisted postgraduate learning, as well as maintaining traditional sources such as books and journals. The Eastman Dental Institute is the only entirely postgraduate Institute of its kind in Europe and this, coupled with the many changes taking place, means that the Eastman is embarking on the strongest and most most exciting period in its history.

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