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Building on the experiences, skills and content of OMNI, a gateway to quality medical resources since 1990, BIOME will expand to cover all areas within health and life sciences. The BIOME hub consists of five cross-searchable gateways at BIOME level while still retaining individual identities. Each gateway will serve a particular community of people. These gateways are: Bioresearch, OMNI, VetGate, AgriFor and Natural Selection.

The service will be consortium based, and OMNI is joined by a range of high profile partners and content providers from the health and life science sectors. The service is coordinated by the University of Nottingham and the partners include the Royal Free Library, Oxford University, Reading University, Natural History Museum, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, CTI Biology at Liverpool University and BRIL.

BIOME will offer the following services:

- Catalogues of web resource descriptions that can be searched or browsed individually or across BIOME.

- Hosting of databases, collections of data and mirrors of suitable training resources.

- Outreach and training activities.

The Royal Free Library continues to make a particular contribution to the field of quality and evaluation of web materials for BIOME. Information on BIOME can be found on

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