What has the King’s Speech done to improve public awareness about stuttering?

2 November 2011

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Professor Peter Howell (UCL Psychology and Language Sciences)

The King’s Speech provides a backdrop against which to review our current understanding of stuttering, also known as stammering. To mark Stammering Awareness Day (22 October) Professor Howell describes our current state of knowledge about the assessment of this condition, who might be affected, how it is most likely to start in childhood, and how recent work has been successful in predicting which young children will recover by teenage.

Although speech is one of the primary features that indicates stuttering, there are other physical characteristics of the disorder, and this lecture looks at how language complexity, motor performance and psychological adjustment in school affect stuttering. Finally, Professor Howell discusses if stuttering can be treated successfully, examining some of the treatments (successful and unsuccessful) and the robustness of the scientific evidence concerning the treatment of this condition.

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