Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre


Girls Education Challenge

Project title

Pioneering Inclusive Education Strategies for disabled girls in the Lake Region of Kenya

Principle Investigator

Dr. Maria Kett

Centre staff working on this project

Marcella Deluca


Girls’ Education Challenge Fund (DFID)

Project Duration

45 months

Main Objectives

The overall goal of the DFID- funded GEC project ‘Pioneering Inclusive Education Strategies for disabled girls in Kenya’ is to address physical, cultural and social barriers to education for girls with disabilities, and to ensure that 2,050 disabled girls in 50 primary schools in in Lake Region receive a full, quality and inclusive primary education.
Specifically, the project will: a) Increase awareness and capacity of duty bearers and service providers to respond to the needs of disabled girls; b) Improve enrolment and retention of disabled girls in mainstream primary schools; c) Improve quality and accessibility of mainstream education for disabled girls; d) Improve knowledge and evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of inclusive education (IE).

This is a 45 month programme which is implemented in 50 schools in five districts in the Lake Region (Mbita, Migori, Kisumu East, Kuria East and Siaya) and is composed of both research and programme components. The research component offers the possibility to gather evidence which can be fed back to improve delivery, highlight gaps and challenges, as well as develop hypotheses for further research. The research activities include teacher survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice on Disability and Inclusive Education (pre- and post-intervention); Secondary data analysis of baseline information; cohort study of out of school girls with disabilities; Study on the experiences of a cohort of  girls with disabilities post taking the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam; a study on the role of male caregivers/mentors; and finally and analysis of policies.

External Collaborators

Maseno University

Project Updates

Most recent research activities include post intervention survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice on Disability and Inclusive Education administered to 130 teachers; on-going study on transition of girls with disabilities who took year 8 exams; on-going study on the role of male mentors 

Knowledge transfer activities

13th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development held in Oxford on 15-17 September 2015

Key Publications