Legal Services


Legal Services

Our Services

  • Legal Issues: University solicitors providing legal assistance to UCL in all areas, including supporting colleagues across Professional Services and engaging directly with Faculties on specific matters.

Who we are

  • Natasha Lewis: Director, Legal Services (x58742, natasha.lewis@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Natasha has overall responsibility for the provision of legal advice and support to UCL.
  • Simon Griffiths: Deputy Director, Legal Services (x58761, simon.griffiths@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Simon has responsibility for provision of legal advice and support across a range of legal matters, including commercial contracts, international relationships, and intellectual property.
  • Anna Butler: Legal Counsel, Estates and Procurement (x58706, anna.butler@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Anna provides advice on all aspects of UCL's estate and related procurement matters.
  • Alex Hall: Legal Counsel (x58700, alex.hall@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Alex provides advice on commercial contracts, IT projects, international relationships, joint venture arrangements and intellectual property.
  • Kati Kaarlehto: Legal Counsel (x58729, kati.kaarlehto@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Kati provides advice on procurement activity, commercial contracts, teaching collaborations/partnerships and equality issues.
  • Suzanne Tyrrell: Legal Counsel, Employment (x58722, s.tyrrell@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Suzanne provides advice and assistance on employment matters and advises UCL on student litigation in the High Court and County Courts.
  • Sarah Willey: Legal Counsel (x58970, s.willey@ucl.ac.uk)
    - Sarah provides advice on UCL's estate and related procurement matters.

How to contact us

Office address: provided upon enquiry