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LCT - Language and Culture in Tourism

A site detailing LCT's research activities

Language and Culture in Tourism (LCT) is a 6-month pilot research project (March-Sept. 2012) funded by UCL Enterprise under its Knowledge Transfer Champion scheme (funding held by Dr Claire Thomson in 2011-12). This project was designed, conducted and evaluated by Dr Clyde Ancarno (Research Associate). 

LCT focussed on intercultural communication in tourism, particularly in the cosmopolitan city of London. LCT mainly proposed to bring together tourism professionals and academics to explore:

  • issues related to communication in the tourist industry
  • tourism professionals' views and experiences of communicating in their workplace 
  • the extent to which expertise in UCL and other academic/non-academic institutions may support tourism businesses

LCT’s aims

Language and Culture in Tourism had to three main aims:

  • initiate a process whereby tourism professionals are supported with their language/communication needs and skills
  • pursue better knowledge exchange between UCL and tourism businesses
  • contribute scholarly work of international standing to the burgeoning field of Intercultural (Business) Communication research

LCT’s wider/longer-term aims

  • promote sustainable diversity/multilingual communities
  • support positive transformations in the localities of the people involved

Who is LCT for?

As suggested on LCT's website for tourism professionals, Language and Culture in Tourism is for:

  • professionals working in tourism (e.g. hotel managers, receptionists, youth hostel workers, tour guides, travel agents, museum staff) interested in sharing their knowledge about language, communication and culture in tourism and in developing their communication skills
  • academics interested in the topic of intercultural communication in tourism
  • other professionals for whom the focus of the research is relevant, e.g. business trainers, public sector organisations

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