Leonard Cheshire Development Centre

Social Protection: Vietnam

Principal Investigator: Professor Nora Groce, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, UCL

Funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council

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People with disabilities represent a disproportionately high proportion of the world's poor. Recognising the reciprocal relationship between disability and poverty, leading to increased vulnerability and social exclusion, disability has been flagged as a key development issue in meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and in eradicating world poverty. As a consequence, people with disabilities are increasingly being mainstreamed into government social protection programmes in low- and middle-income countries. However, there has been little evaluation of the effectiveness of these programmes with respect to people with disabilities. This research evaluates the effectiveness of two government social protection programmes for persons with disabilities in Vietnam.

Professor Nora Groce leads the research team, which also comprises Dr Daniel Mont (University College London), Dr Sophie Mitra (Fordham University) and Dr Michael Palmer (University of Melbourne).