Leonard Cheshire Development Centre

Fellows and Students

Visiting Fellows

Dr Daniel Mont
Dr Mont is Principal Research Associate in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London. He is currently working on issues of inclusive development, disability and poverty, and inclusive social services in developing countries. He is co-investigator on the ESRC project Social Protection and Disability - Policy Lessons from Vietnam

He previously worked for the World Bank, where he was stationed in Vietnam working on poverty reduction programme and statistical capacity building -- primarily dealing with vulnerable groups -- such as ethnic minorities, people in remote rural areas, and disabled people. He was also the gender focal point for the World Bank office in Hanoi.

He also worked extensively on disability issues for the World Bank for six years, and served as the chair of the analysis working group for the United Nation's Washington Group on Disability Statistics. He has published extensively on disability issues in developing countries.

Most of his published research and career has been spent on issues relating to disability -- improving quantitative measures of disability and integrating disability issues into economic development activities in poor and middle income countries and his seminar talk will reflect this research.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr Marko Kerac
Marko qualified from UCL Medical School, where he first became interested in global health during student projects in India, Guyana and Serbia. After initially training in paediatrics, he spent several years working at the College of Medicine, Malawi where he developed his main research interest in child nutrition. As well as a PhD on Improving the treatment of severe acute malnutrition in childhood: a randomized controlled trial of synbiotic-enhanced therapeutic food with long term follow-up of post-treatment mortality and morbidity, he also recently worked on a UNICEF Nutrition Cluster funded project exploring the Management of Acute Malnutrition in Infants (MAMI). He is currently based in the UK working as a public health doctor and retains academic interests in global health.

PhD Students

Robert Keatley
Robert's research theme is HIV/AIDS in the Deaf community in Kenya.
Hridaya Devkota
Hridaya's research surrounds maternal health care services for women with disabilities and Dalit women in Nepal.

Leonard Cheshire Fellows

Dr Parul Bakhshi, PhD.
Dr Bakhshi is an independent consultant and a Leonard Cheshire Fellow. She participated as co-investigator on the National Disability Survey Afghanistan, and has published several articles on disability issues, including research methodology. She co-edited the book on collective capabilities with Jean-Luc Dubois (Repenser l’action collective. Une approche par les capabilités, 2008). She conducted several consultancies for UN agencies (UNICEF and UNESCO). She is currently carrying out a study on education in Afghanistan for the World Bank and Altai Consulting.

Lorraine Wapling
Lorraine is a freelance development consultant providing research, training and project-based support to a range of international NGOs and donor agencies on the inclusion of disabled people. She has extensive research and development experience in Africa and Asia, gained over 15 years in sectors ranging from education to community development. Lorraine is herself profoundly deaf.

Email: consultant@wapling.me.uk

Professor Sheila Wirz
Professor Wirz is Emerita Professor of Disability and International Development. Sheila has a long experience in practice, teaching and research of issues relating to community disability services and collaborations. She has developed a range of courses both in the UK and with colleagues in Sri Lanka, India (Chennai and Mumbai). She was Director of Teaching and Learning at the Institute of Child Health until December 2007 and in that role managed the smooth running of all the degree programmes at ICH. She remains chairman of the management committee of the short courses programme at ICH/Great Ormond Street Hospital. Sheila has a part time role at CIHD supervising PhD and Post doctoral students.