Leonard Cheshire Development Centre

Dr Carlo Tramontano

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Tramontano

Email: c.tramontano@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)20 3108 3147

Internal: 53147

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Dr Tramontano's background is in Social and Personality Psychology. He has collaborated in cross-cultural research programmes, particularly in the Latin American context, which focused on topics related to well-being and health.

He has expertise in quantitative and cross-cultural research methods. Dr Tramontano's further research interests include also livelihoods, counterproductive work behaviours and moral disengagement


2011: UNMIL Human Rights Indicators project, Liberia

Selected Publications

Fida, R., Tramontano, C., Paciello, M., Cara, V., Barbaranelli, C. (2013) La prevenzione dell’HIV: una questione “di genere”? Uno studio preliminare sulle determinanti psicosociali dell’uso del preservativo in un campione di studenti universitari/HIV Prevention: is it a matter of “gender”? A preliminary study on psychosocial determinants of condom use in a sample of college students. Psicologia della Salute.

Groce, N., Murray, B., Loeb, M., Tramontano, C., Trani, J.F., Mekonen, A. (2013) Disabled Beggars in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  ILO Employment Sector Working Paper No. 142.  Geneva: ILO  2013.

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Tramontano, C., Cole, E., Cerniglia, L. (2013). Moral Dilemma in Adolescence: the Role of Values, Prosocial Moral Reasoning and Moral Disengagement in Helping Decision Making. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 10(2), 190-205.

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Cerniglia, L., Tramontano, C., Cole, E. (2013). High Cost Helping Scenario: the Role of Empathy, Prosocial Reasoning and Moral disengagement on Helping Behavior. Personality and Individual Differences. 55(1), 3–7.

Tramontano, C., Luengo Kanacri, P.B., Steca, P., Vecchio, G., Pastorelli, C., Caprara, G.V. (2012). Determinantes psicosociales de la satisfacción con la vida: un análisis comparativo entre Bolivia e Italia/ Psychosocial determinants of satisfaction with life: a comparative analysis in Bolivia and Italy. Ajayu.

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Tramontano, C. (2012).The developmental relation between moral disengagement and aggregation with deviant peer in understanding adolescents’ violent behavior. In H.R. Cunningham, W.F. Berry (ed.) Handbook of the Psychology of Violence. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York.

Fida, R., Paciello, M., Barbaranelli, C., Tramontano, C., Fontaine, R.G. (2012) The Stressor-Emotion Model of Counterproductive Work Behavior: The Moderating Role of Irritability. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Farnese, M.L., Tramontano, C., Fida, R., Paciello, R. (2011). Cheating Behaviors in Academic Context: Does Academic Moral Disengagement Matter? Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Di Giunta, L., Eisenberg, N., Steca, P., Tramontano, C., Caprara, G.V. (2010). Assessing Perceived Empathic and Social Self-Efficacy Across Countries. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 26(2), 77-86.

Briones, E., Tabernero, C., Tramontano, C., Caprara, G.V., Arenas, A. (2009). Development of a Cultural Self-Efficacy Scale for Adolescents (CSES-A). International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 33(4), 301-312. Steca, P., Caprara, G.V., Tramontano,C., Vecchio. G.M., Roth, E. (2009). Youth’s Life Satisfaction: The Role of Self-Regulatory Efficacy Beliefs in Managing Affects and Relationships along Time and across Cultures. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 28 (7), 824-862.

Caprara, G.V., Fida, R., Vecchione, M., Tramontano, C., Barbaranelli, C. (2009) Assessing Civic Moral Disengagement: Dimensionality and construct validity. Personality and Individual Differences, 47(5), 504-509.

Steca, P., Tramontano, C., Caprara, G.V. (2009). Developmental Pathways and Correlates of Positive Thinking in the Transition from Adolescence to Early Adulthood. In T. Freire (Ed.), Understanding Positive Life. Research and Practice on Positive Psychology, Lisboa: Climepsi Editores.

Caprara, G.V., Di Giunta, L., Gerbino, M., Pastorelli, C., Tramontano C., Eisenberg, N. (2008). Assessing Regulatory Emotional Self-efficacy in Three Countries. Psychological Assessment, 20(3), 227-237.

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Tramontano, C., Lupinetti, C., Caprara, G.V. (2008). Stability and Change of Moral Disengagement and its Impact on Aggression and Violence in late Adolescence. Child Development, 79(5), 1288-1309.