Leonard Cheshire Development Centre

Working Papers - Dr Jean-Francois Trani

Working Paper 1
Bakhshi, P., Dubois, J. and Trani, J. (September 2004) "Enhancing Security & Social Sustainability, Strengthening Capabilities: The case of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan" [online]

Working Paper 2
Trani, J. (February 2007) "A new structure in the Government of Afghanistan for the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities: The National Disability Commission (NDC)" [online]

Working Paper 4
Bakhshi, P., and Trani, J. (April 2007) "Disability Prevalence: Challenges for Measurement" [online]

Working Paper 8
Groce, N., Kett, M., Lang, R., Trani, J., Bailey, N. (August 2009) "The Potential Impact of the Global Economic Downturn on Persons with Disabilities" [online]

Working Paper 10
Trani, J. and Bakhshi, P. (October 2009) "Lack of a will or of a way? Taking a Capability Approach for Analysing Disability Policy Shortcomings and Ensuring Programme Impact in Afghanistan" [online]

Working Paper 11
Trani, J. and VanLeit, B. (February 2010) "Increasing inclusion of persons with disabilities: reflections from disability research using the ICF in Afghanistan and Cambodia" [online]

Working Paper 13
Trani, J., Kett, M. (June 2009) "2nd Report Study on affected and excluded vulnerable children in Southern West Darfur" [online]