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Wapling, L., Challenger, E., Cole, E., Lang, R.Kett, M.Groce, N. (2013) Research Toolkit for Disabled People’s Organisations: How to undertake and use applied research. London: Leonard Cheshire Disability [link]

Book Chapters

Trani, JF., Kett, M., Bakhshi P., Bailey, N. (2013) Disability, vulnerability and citizenship: to what extent is education a protective mechanism for children with disabilities in countries affected by conflict? Chapter 10 in Singal, N. (ed.) Disability, Poverty and Education. Oxford: Routledge.



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Komolafe, MA., Sunmonu, TA., Fabusiwa, F., Komolafe, EO., Afolabi, O., Kett, M.Groce, N. (2011). Women's perspectives on epilepsy and its sociocultural impact in south western Nigeria. African Journal of Neurological Sciences. Vol 30:2:


Kett, M. (2012), Skills development for youth living with disabilities in four developing countries. Background paper for the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012. [online]

Book Chapters

Kett, M.,  Trani, J. (2012). ‘Refugees with Disabilities: More vulnerable, more at risk’ in Segal, UA. and Elliott, D. Refugees Worldwide: Refugee Health. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishers pp.213-230



Groce, N., Bailey, N., Lang, R.Trani, J.Kett, M. (2011) 'Water and sanitation issues for persons with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: a literature review and discussion of implications for global health and international development'. Journal of Water and Health[online]

Komolafe, MA., Sunmonu, TA., Fabusiwa, F., Komolafe, EO., Afolabi, O., Kett, M. &Groce, N. (2011). Women's perspectives on epilepsy and its sociocultural im pact in south western Nigeria. African Journal of Neurological Sciences 30(2) 

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Trani, J.Kett, M., Bakhshi, P., Bailey, N. (2011) Disability, Vulnerability and Citizenship:  to what extent is education a protective mechanism for children with disabilities in countries affected by conflict? International Journal of Inclusive Education[online]


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Twigg, T., Kett, M., Bottomley, H., Tze Tan, L., Nasreddin, H. (2011) 'Disaiblity and Public Shelter in Emergencies', Environmental Hazards 10:3-4, 248-261 [online]



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Book Chapters

Kett, M., van Tulleken, A. (2009). Humanitarian Organizations and Their Coordination in Humanitarian Assistance. Chapter 5A in Hopperus Buma, A., Burris, D., Hawley, A., Ryan, J., Mahoney, P. (ed.) Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine: A Practical Guide. London: Springer-Verlag, 2nd edition, 31-48.



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Book Chapters

Kett, M., Geiger, M., Boersma, M. (2008). Community Based Rehabilitation and Families in Crisis. Chapter 7 in Hartley,S., Okune,J. (ed.) CBR: Inclusive Policy Development and Implementation. Norwich, UK: University of East Anglia, 110-140.

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Book Chapters

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Book Chapters

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