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Ellie Cole Publications

This is a list of publications by Ellie Cole. The list is arranged by year. Click on the links below to see publications from a particular year.

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Lang, R., Groce, N., Cole, E. (March 2013).Working Paper 19: Conceptualising the linkages between the Social Determinants of Health and Disability [link]

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Cerniglia, L., Tramontano, C.Cole, E. (2013) High cost helping scenario: The role of empathy, prosocial reasoning and moral disengagement on helping behavior. Personality and Individual Differences, 55(1):3-7

Paciello, M., Fida, R., Tramontano, C.Cole, E., Cerniglia, L. (2013) Moral dilemma in adolescence: The role of values, prosocial moral reasoning and moral disengagement in helping decision making. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 10(2):190-205.


Lansdown, G., Groce, N.Deluca, M., Cole, E., Berman-Bieler, R., Mitra, G., Farkas, A., Sabbe, L., Burlyaeva-Norman, A. (2013) Children and Young People with Disabilities: Fact Sheet. New York: UNICEF [link]

Wapling, L., Challenger, E., Cole, E., Lang, R.Kett, M.Groce, N. (2013) Research Toolkit for Disabled People’s Organisations: How to undertake and use applied research. London: Leonard Cheshire Disability [link]