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Dissemination Workshop

CCDRP Nepal Launch


In recent years, maternal health in Nepal has improved greatly, but what do we know about disabled women’s maternal health?

Women’s groups in Makwanpur have been shown to reduce newborn mortality by 30%. But are these groups accessible to all women? What affects disabled women’s access to community groups?

MIRA Nepal and University College London are hosting a workshop  to discuss the findings of their  research about disabled women’s access to maternal health and community groups in Makwanpur district.

Chairperson: Dr GSL Das, Chairperson ARDS and National Senior Citizen Federation

The agenda for the workshop can be found here [link]

A Word version of the agenda can be found here [link]


"International issues in disability and disability research"
Professor Nora Groce, Director, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College London


"Overview of MIRA’s research in disability"
Kirti Man Tumbahangphe


"Maternal and newborn care behaviours of disabled women, and disabled women’s attendance in women’s groups"
Aman Sen


"Exploring reasons for maternal and newborn care behaviours, and exploring disabled women’s attendance in women’s groups"
Dr Joanne Morrison