Archibald Campbell

MP (Tory)


"Mr. A. Campbell was enabled to say, on the part of the calico-printers of Glasgow, that if sufficient time were allowed for the drawback duty on the stock on hand, the noble Lord's [Althorp] measure would be beneficial to the trade: but if sufficient time were not thus allowed, serious injury to many in the trade would be the consequence." (Excise Acts - Printed Calicoes: HC Deb 28 February 1831 vol 2 c. 1047.) This is the entirety of Campbell's speeches in the H of C in approximately 14 years as an MP!

Elections / Constituences

Glasgow Burghs Dumbarton / Lanark / Renfrew
1806 - 1809 
Elgin Burghs Aberdeenshire / Banffshire / Elgin
Perth Burghs Fife / Forfar / Perth
1818 - 1820 
Glasgow Burghs Dumbarton / Lanark / Renfrew
1820 - 1831 

Parliamentary Notes