Robert Waterton

3rd Jun 1782 - 27th May 1865

Claimant or beneficiary


Robert Waterton, son of Christopher and Anne Waterton (each of whom q.v.), awarded the compensation for several relatively small claims in British Guiana but also the owner of the La Jalousie and Friendship estates there, the compensation for which was paid to the Liverpool merchants Sandbach Tinne. His cousin, the naturalist Charles Waterton (q.v.), had run the estates of his family in Demerara c. 1805-1812.

  1. Will of Robert Waterton ['born in England but at present residing on'] Plantation La Jalousie [Demerara and Essequibo] proved 10/02/1838. In the will he left his property in England to his brothers and sisters, George, Henry, Agnes ['Miss Waterton'] and Mrs [Matilda] Jerningham, who also appeared in the claims for La Jalousie. He left the property connected with Woodlands in Yorkshire and the estate itself to his brother George. In a codicil he made further provisions for monetary legacies to connections in Demerara and asked that Mr John Hunter at present manager of Pln Haags Bosch and formerly overseer on La Jalousie should be appointed manager at La Jalousie.


T71/885 British Guiana no. 693; ODNB online, Yolanda Foote, 'Waterton, Charles (1782-1865), naturalist.'

  1. PROB 11/1891/264.

Further Information

Anne Mary Edmonstone
Edmund (1830-1887)
Stonyhurst College [1796-1801 ]
Roman Catholic

Associated Claims (5)

£257 19S 0D
£353 18S 10D
£7,300 3S 10D
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Sequestrator)
£4,261 15S 3D
Awardee (Sequestrator)
£15,482 14S 8D
Unsuccessful claimant (Owner-in-fee)

Associated Estates (1)

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1823 [SY] - 1838 [EY] → Owner

Relationships (3)

Son → Mother
Son → Father
Brother → Sister

Addresses (1)

Walton Hall, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England