Andrew Bannatyne

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Andrew Bannatyne, co-executor of George Anderson (mortgagee of Hermitage estate in St David, Jamaica.) His co-claimants were Colin Dunlop Donald and James Andrew Anderson (both q.v.), merchants in Glasgow, which suggests a Glasgow link for Andrew Bannatyne as well, although no further identification has been made.


T71/866 St David claim no. 105 (Hermitage).

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£1,889 15S 5D

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1834 - → Executor

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Commercial (6)

Railway Investment
Ayrshire, Brige of Weir and Port Glasgow Junction [18469]  
Railway Investment
Glasgow, Airdrie and Monkland Junction [1846174]  
Railway Investment
Railway Investment
Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle [184565]  
Railway Investment
Gloucester and Dean Forest [1846195]  
Railway Investment

Addresses (1)

Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland