Eliza Lee Brodbelt

???? - 1852

Claimant or beneficiary


Presumably sister of James Lee Brodbelt and Thomas Lee Brodbelt (both of whom q.v.). No details on parentage have been discovered to date: James Lee was the partner of Francis Rigby Brodbelt senior (d. 1795), but the three Lee Brodbelt children do not appear as children of either Francis Rigby Brodbelt senior or junior in Geraldine Mozley's 'Letters to Jane'. The three [siblings] were creditors on two estates in Clarendon and St John.

  1. The three Brodbelts were given as 'Great Britain' in the compensation records, but cf the will of Eliza Lee Brodbelt 'spinster of St Catherine, Middlesex, Jamaica' proved 10/07/1852.


 Geraldine Mozley (ed.), Letters to Jane from Jamaica 1788-1796 (London, West India Committee for the Institute of Jamaica, n.d.); T71/859 Clarendon claim no. 414; T71/854 St John claim nos. 283 A & B.

  1. PROB 11/2155; T71/1187 Clarendon claim no. 414 counterclaim.

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Associated Claims (1)

£2,683 18S 8D

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Sister → Brother
Sister → Brother