Charles R. Simpson

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Charles R. Simpson, awarded part of the compensation for Water Valley in St Mary Jamaica with John Eykyn Hovenden as trustees of the marriage settlement of Col. Farquharson and Miss Nasmyth, the daughter of Mary Sarah Nasmyth (q.v.).


T71/856 St Mary No. 144A-D; T71/1606 letter from Oliverson & Co 23/1/1837: award had been made to John Eykyn Hovenden, Col Robert Bowen of Coldstream Guards and Mr C.R. Simpson, trustees of marriage settlement of Col and Mrs Farquharson (formerly Miss Nasmyth), but Col. Bowen is abroad, 'we have made repeated enquiries but have been able to learn nothing certain about Col. Bowen's movements', need power of attorney to collect the money; on a previous trip, Col Bowen had left a full power of attorney; 'there is no doubt he will very much regret the inconvenience now caused by his absence.' Now after 12 months delay, asking for new award.

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£4,273 6S 2D
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