John Griffith

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Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded part of the compensation for the Bagdale Estate and Fullerswood Pen in St Elizabeth Jamaica as trustee of William Rowe. Almost certainly the same man as the resident attorney John Griffith (ID: 15236), the awardee under several claims in St Elizabeth and Manchester.  

  1. The beneficiary William Rowe is conceivably the William Rowe West India merchant aged 39 in 1851 living at Edge Lane Liverpool with wife Margaret (born Scotland) and two children (born Liverpool) who was living at Tonbridge in 1891 and died there in 1897, leaving around £1,600.


T71/870 St Elizabeth nos. 371 and 731. Claim under 371 by James Daly 'for Brackenridge & Co. mortgagees'. Counterclaim from John Griffith as Trustee of William Rowe an Infant annuitant and legatee'.

  1. 1851 and 1891 Censuses online; National Probate Calendar 1897 (which indexes his death erroneously to Middlesex).

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£4,673 9S 7D
Awardee (Trustee)

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1835 - → Trustee
1835 - → Trustee