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NB There is room for confusion here. Charles Parker Ellis (q.v.), the son of John Ellis (1757-1832) and Antoinette Parker, and nephew of Lord Seaford, appears elsewhere in the database already. 'Charles Ellis' of the Fort George in St George Jamaica claim (St George no. 280), awarded compensation as mortgagee,is almost certainly Charles Parker Ellis, linked by the claim of his uncle and by family ties of ownership. The Charles Ellis awarded compensation as devisee-in-trust with Mary Cruikshank (q.v.) for two estates belonging to James Cruikshank in St Mary Jamaica (T71/856 Nos 250 and 251) is described in James Cruikshank's will as of Lincolns Inn and was presumably a lawyer, possibly only an agent.

  1. Fort George is shown for George Ellis in 1812, for John Ellis (as Fort George Pen) in 1817, 1820 and 1822, then as Thomas P. Rogers 1823, 1825, James Lawes 1829 and 1833. George Ellis (1753-1815) and John Ellis (1757-1832) were cousins.

  2. John Ellis (1757-1832) and Antoinette Parker had a son, Charles Ellis, appointed an Ensign of the first Regiment of Foot guards 28/02/1811.


T71/869 St George No. 280 (Fort George); T71/856 St Mary Nos 250 and 251 (Ballards Valley and Berry Hill Pen).

  1. Jamaica Almanacs 1812-1833; Humphrey Gawthrop, George Ellis of Ellis Caymanas: A Caribbean link to Scott and the Bronte Sisters, [accessed 21/07/2010] p. 9.

  2. Arthur Collins, Sir Egerton Brydges Peerage of England 1812 p. 764.

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£3,647 15S 5D
Awardee (Mortgagee)
£5,215 7S 1D
Awardee (Trustee)
£1,906 8S 8D
Awardee (Trustee)

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1832 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

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