Samuel Smith

19th Jul 1789 - 4th Oct 1863

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Tentatively identified as the banker Samuel George Smith (1789-1863), whose father Samuel died March 12 1834.

  1. Samuel George Smith was the second son of Samuel Smith (1745-12/03/1834), banker of Lombard Street and Woodhall Park Herts., and Elizabeth Turnor, and brother of Abel Smith (q.v.). Samuel Smith left £14,000. Samuel George Smith b. 19/07/1789 married Eugenia Chatfield in 1821. Their son also Samuel George Smith (1822-1900), Conservative MP and banker, left £1.5MM. 'Lord Carrington was a relative.'


  1. William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? 1860- (Volumes 3 and 4, manuscripts in preparation), reference 1863/58 for Smith, Samuel George. William D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? A biographical dictionary of British wealth-holders Volume Two 1840-1859 (MS) reference 1859/36 for Abel Smith (left £400,000).

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£4,908 8S 5D
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