George McLean

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Resident planter and trustee of his brother John McLean who married Jean Urquhart and died 1825.

  1. An anonymous painting of a white female and two white children on one of the family estates was offered for sale at Bonhams in 2005 together with a miniature of George M'Lean. "Provenance: George MacLean. By direct descent through the MacLean family to the present owner. John MacLean was a notable plantation owner in Grenada and Carriacou and posessed five estates among the islands, it was noted in 1833 that the family owned 3,200 of Carriacou's 4,000 slaves. The backdrop for the above work is either one of the Belair, Belvedere, Beausejour or Dumfries estates in Carriacou or the Constitution Hill estate in Grenada. The Maclean family were liberal landlords and allowed their slaves unprecedented freedoms. On 15th June 1833 the Bristol Mirror recorded that they had initiated a system of work that allowed slaves to do a set 'task' for the day and upon completion of this the worker was free to go to their own gardens. The slaves liked being able to cultivate their own piece of land so the idea became popular and soon other estates began to adopt this system. John Maclean married Janet Urquhart in 1812 and upon his death in 1825 his family became the wards of his brother George MacLean.


  1. Travel & topographical Lot 207 [accessed 03/01/2011].

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George M'Lean

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