John Barkly Macdonald

1808 - 29th Dec 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


John Barkly (or Barclay) Macdonald, planter and resident of Grenada, awarded the compensation for one group of enslaved people on Grenada and a second larger group in Trinidad. Born in Glasgow, his father was John Macdonald of Trinidad and Greanda, and who ended his life living at Claremont Sq., Pentonville. In Grenada John Barkly owned a plot of land in Market Square, St George and a parcel of land named Plaisance estate, formerly part of Boccage estate.

He married twice. Firstly to Elizabeth, with whom he had a son also named John. The land in Grenada passed to John upon him reaching 21. John Barkly married again in 1844 following his return to Britain sometime in the early 1840s. With his second wife, Mary (daughter of Alexander McConachie of Windyhall, Rothesay, Bute), he had another 5 children: Janet Eliza Jemima (1845), Margaret (18447), Alexander (1849), Charles Barkley (1951), Sarah (1855). In 1851 the family were living at Stewarthall Farm, Rothesay, and John Barkley recorded himself on the census as 'West Indian proprietor and farmer'.

Upon his death he left an estate of £289 15 shillings. His will bequeathed his property in Grenada to John, his eldest son from his first marriage, and the farm on Bute to his wife for the maintenance of their children. He stipulated that if she remarried the farm should be sold.


T71/894 Trinidad no. 2016A&B John Barclay Macdonald of Grenada; Grenada no. 159 John Barkly Macdonald

1851 Scotland census, accessed through

Inventory of John Barkly Macdonald, proved Bute 22/5/1857, copy provided by David Carey [23/7/2015].

We are grateful to David Carey for his help with this entry.

Further Information

West Indian
Name in compensation records
John Barclay MacDonald
Mary McConachie of Windyhall, Rothesay, Bute
Margaret; Sarah; Janet; Mary; Charles; Alexander

Associated Claims (2)

£41 5S 8D
£1,436 5S 2D
Awardee (Assignee)