David Graham

???? - 1840

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for 4 awards in Trinidad.

  1. Will of David Graham of [Prior Park Buildings] Lyncombe and Widcombe Bath proved 23/02/1841. The will shows his London 'dwelling house, buildings and premises with the appurtenances' at No. 15 Great Hermitage Street in St George the East: this Wapping address and his description suggests a mercantile background. He left the bulk of his estate to his wife Martha Graham after providing the income from £3000 for life to his niece Jane Louisa Graham, one of the trustees for whom was his brother, Henry Graham of Trinidad . There is no evidence to date connect him to the London merchant firm of Davidsons, Barkly (formerly Davidson & Graham). His executors were John Sutton of the London Stock Exchange and John Gilmore, a naval officer.


T71/894 Trinidad Nos. 747, 1602, 1615, 2015. T71/1593 p 87 01/02/1836 letter to David Graham Bath re timing on Trinidad 747, 1602, 1615 and 2015; T71/1593 p 102 09/02/1836 letter to David Graham Prior Park Buildings, Bath. David Graham was identified as 'London' in T71/894 Trinidad No. 1602.

  1. PROB 11/1941/53.

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Associated Claims (4)

£1,536 10S 3D
£150 2S 8D
£108 5S 4D
£64 0S 1D

Addresses (1)

Prior Park Buildings, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England