George Cole

1785 - 1853

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner until 1828 with William and James Eccles (q.v.) in Robert Eccles & Co.

  1. Genealogical sources indicate he was resident of Glasgow, then Dawlish in Devon and then of Wellington Somerset. In 1851 George Cole 'retired merchant' aged 66 born Dawlish was living at The Cottage, Weech, Dawlish with his (second) wife Maria aged 30 and son George Cole a clergyman born Scotland aged 25.

  2. The will of George Cole [late of the City of Glasgow but now] of Dawlish Devon was proved 02/07/1853: the will identifies his son and heir as the Rev. George Lamont Cole. The will is an elaborate trust will conveying estates in the south-west of England, but including monetary legacies to members of George Cole's family. A codicil of 1853 shows him as of Wellisford in Somerset.

  3. The Rev. George Lamont Cole, son of George Cole merchant of Glasgow, was born there, was hence the same man as the clergyman son George Cole shown at Dawlish in the 1851 census, and possibly the namesake of John Lamont (q.v.). George Cole of Glasgow was an executor of Boyden Lamont (q.v.), John Lamont's half-brother. The baptism record of George Lamont Cole in Glasgow 29/09/1825 gives his parents as George Cole, merchant, and Ann Campbell Colquhoun, with the sponsors Alexander Lamont and Lieut. Humphry Colquoun.


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Further Information

(1) Ann Campbell Colquhoun (2) Maria
With (1), George Lamont Cole (1825-)
West India merchant

Associated Claims (4)

£1,074 18S 9D
£2,060 7S 7D
£1,168 5S 4D
Unsuccessful claimant
£2,140 8S 5D
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Other partner
William & James Eccles
West India merchant  

Addresses (2)

Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland
Dawlish, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England