George Taaffe

1794 - 1848

Claimant or beneficiary


Administrator of 'Lawrence Bellow' [almost certainly Lawrence Bellew], and of Smarmor[e] Castle Co. Louth.

  1. The Bellews of Mount Bellew were a landowning Catholic family with commercial interests. Will of Lawrence otherwise Laurent Bellew of Amboise France proved 17/01/1827.

  2. A case [Taaffe v. la Veuve Bellew] was litigated between 'Georges Taaffe' and Bellew's widow Rose O'Neill in France in 1830, concerning the status of O'Neill under French law (Taaffe had sought to impede Rose O'Neill's taking possession of government securities purchased jointly with her husband). The summary of the case states that Bellew and O'Neill (who was from Martinique) had married in France in 1783, lived in England between 1797 and 1815, and then returned to Amboise, where Bellew died 05/03/1825. Bellew had presented himself as 'legataire' [legatee] of Bellew by virtue of a letter executed in London dated 19/07/1806.

  3. Death of George Taaffe 20/08/1848. Will of George Taaffe of Smarmore Castle Ardee Louth proved 12/06/1849.

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We are grateful to Liam Hogan for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Elizabeth Anne McDonnell

Associated Claims (1)

£2,742 18S 9D
Awardee (Administrator)

Addresses (1)

Smarmore Castle, Louth, Ireland