John Bayford

???? - 1844

Claimant or beneficiary


Executor (and probably legatee) and presumably son of Margaret Bayford (probably the Margaret Bayford widow of Chelsea whose will was proved 31/03/1825), brother of his co-claimant Harriet Bayford (q.v.) and trustee of the 1804 marriage settlement of William Wharton Rawlins and Margaret Bayford, presumably his sister.

  1. Marriage of William Wharton Rawlins and Margaret Bayford 15/11/1804 St Marylebone

  2. Will of John Bayford of Doctors Commons proved 26/03/1844; will of Frances Bayford widow of Doctors Commons proved 25/09/1848. If this latter is, as seems likely, the wife of John Bayford, the couple had at least four daughters, at the marriage of one of whom, Angela Frances Bayford, to the Rev. Henry John Owen at St Luke's 16/06/1829, appears the signature of Wm Wilberforce among the witnesses.


T71/879 and T71/1295 St Kitts Nos. 420 and 638; PROB 11/1696.

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Further Information

Emily (1806-), Angela Frances (1810-), Ellen Margaret (1813-), Julia (1814-)

Associated Claims (2)

£307 15S 8D
£5,046 11S 3D

Relationships (1)

Brother → Sister

Addresses (1)

Doctors' Commons, City of London, Middlesex, London, England