William Wemyss Anderson

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Resident lawyer in Kingston Jamaica, having previously practised in Edinburgh. He appears to have moved to Jamaica at some time between 1831 and 1835.


Edinburgh Gazette 3985 02/08/1831 p. 204 shows Wm Wemyss Anderson witnessing the dissolution of a partnership in March 1831. Lanark MLN Testaments shows William Wemyss Anderson 'Solicitor before the Supreme Courts of Sc[o]t[land] sometime res. Edin & now solicitor at Kingston Jamaica' in relation to a death on 08/01/1835.

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography shows John Radcliffe, A sermon on the death of W. Wemyss Anderson, delivered July 21 1877 in the Scotch Kirk Kingston Jamaica, although this might refer to the William Wemyss Anderson aged 6 who was living with his aunt in Edinburgh at the time of the 1841 census.

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£3,294 14S 9D
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£1,054 3S 0D
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£1,120 6S 11D
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£1,696 14S 6D
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£4,346 4S 1D
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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland