Elizabeth Ann Manning

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Elizabeth A. Manning, possibly the same woman, was awardee in the claim Barbados #2223 for 3 enslaved.

Elizabeth Ann Manning also acted in 1832 as Executrix for James A. Manning deceased. The Slave Register return shows that all but 2 of the enslaved had been dispersed to other owners, including Elizabeth Ann Manning, under the terms of the will: see T71/548, pp. 41-3 for details. E. A. Manning also acted in the return of Stephen A. Manning: James A. Manning was his executor; Eliz. A. was the executrix of James A.: hence she returned the enslaved numbers, though they were 0 having been sold or bequeathed. (pp. 43-4)


T71/548, pp. 41-3.

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£679 18S 4D

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1832 - 1832 → Owner

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