Lydia White

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A spinster residing at Brussels in 1834 when she counterclaimed unsuccessfully for compensation on Tomlinson's estate in Antigua as a legatee of Penelope Tomlinson.

  1. Penelope Tomlinson was the daughter of Lydia's great uncle, John Tomlinson (d. 1735). In her will dated 18/07/1802, Penelope left, among other legacies, £200 to Lydia's brother John who was aged under 15 at the time. In the event of John's early death, the £200 was to be shared equally between Lydia and her sister Elizabeth Hamilton White - so it seems that John had not survived.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 111 (Tomlinson's).

  1. Langford Vere Oliver, History of the Island of Antigua (London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894) Vol. 3 p. 139.

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£2,220 8S 11D
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Lydia was the daughter of Penelope's first cousin Michael White and his second wife Mary nee...
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Half-brother and sister. William was the son of Michael White's first wife Mary nee Lee and Lydiawas the daughter of Michael White's second wife Mary nee...

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