John Turing Ferrier

1799 - 1878

Claimant or beneficiary


Trustees of the marriage settlement of John Turing Ferrier and Adriana Jonas were awarded the comepensation for Vrees en Hoop in British Guiana.

  1. Son of Sir Alexander Ferrier (q.v.). Marriage of eldest son of John Turing Ferrier of Brussels to daughter of late Alexander George Milne. John Turing Ferrier died at Brussels in 1878 aged 79, 'universally respected and deeply lamented', leaving £600 in personalty. John Turing Ferrier had been in Prussia in the late 1840s.


  1. Times 18/8/1852 p 9; Times 9/4/1878 p. 1; National Probate Calendar 1878; Times 24/2/1847 p. 9.

Further Information

Adriana Jonas

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£11,106 3S 7D