John Savage

1785 - 1870

Claimant or beneficiary


John Savage, together with Philip Protheroe, counterclaimed for two awards on Nevis and one on St Kitts. The two men were identified as of Bristol in Nevis no. 131. The Philip Protheroe is presumaby the same man as the partner of George Protheroe in claims in Jamaica and elsewhere.

  1. John Savage sugar refiner of Bristol was an assignee in a bankruptcy in 1843. John Savage esq of Bristol had married Miss Claxton daughter of Mr Alderman Claxton 21/10/1811.

  2. John Savage, b. 1785 d. 09/01/1870 a. 85; c[ounci]ll[o]r 1822-1831; ald[erman]n 1831-1835; mayor 1830 and 1831; sh[eriff]. 1824 and 1826; Tory; sugar refiner; [left] £9,000, Wilder St. Anglican.

  3. Savage, John & Fras. Wilder St., sugar refiners (in 1838).


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  2. Graham William Arthur Bush Bristol and its Municipal Government: 1820-1851 Bristol Record Society's Publications Vol. XXIX p. 237.

  3. Robson's Directory of Bristol 1838

Further Information

Married but no further details
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (3)

£1,266 10S 1D
Unsuccessful claimant
£297 11S 7D
Unsuccessful claimant (Owner-in-fee)
£2,216 12S 7D
Unsuccessful claimant

Addresses (1)

Wilder Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England