Harrison Walke Sober

1797 - 1825

Claimant or beneficiary


The compensation for the enslaved people on the Spring and Ashton Hall estates in Barbados was paid to Sir George Henry Dashwood, Constantine Estwick Trent and John Constantine Trent, as executors and trustees of Harrison Walke Sober.

  1. Will of Harrison Walke Sober of Southampton Hampshire proved 10/02/1827. He had been buried December 10 1825 aged 28 at St Faith under St Pauls. He reportedly married Elizabeth Dashwood, sister of Sir George Henry Dashwood, in 1821.

  2. A family tree reproduced in Brandow gives Harrison Walke Sober as heir 1800 to his great-uncle Thomas Walke, then under 16; Eton 1811; of 14th Hussars, 'died shortly before 1863' [sic]. Extracts from the will of Thomas Walke refer to his bequest of the Ashton Hall estate to Harrison Walke Sober, son of his niece Jennett Sober. Despite the death-date (which appears to have been sourced from the Eton Lists, published in 1863, where Sober is said to have 'died lately'), there is little doubt that this is the same man as the Harrison Walke Sober who died in 1825.


T71/897 Barbados no. 2034; T71/899 Barbados no. 4925.

  1. PROB 11/1722/104; Ancestry.com, London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online]; John Debrett, The Baronetage of England(1840) p. 326 'Dashwood, (now Dashwood-King,) of West Wycombe shows the marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Dashwood-King, and 'W.H. Sober of White Staunton co. Wilts', Oct. 1821.

  2. James C. Brandow Genealogies of Barbados Families p. 511, pp. 513-4.

Further Information

Elizabeth Dashwood
Eton [1811 ]

Associated Claims (3)

£3,384 15S 11D
Beneficiary deceased
£2,441 0S 4D
Beneficiary deceased (Tenant-for-life)
£1,945 16S 7D
Beneficiary deceased (Tenant-for-life)

Associated Estates (4)

- 1832 → Previous owner
- 1825 → Previous owner
- 1825 → Previous owner
1823 - 1825 → Previous owner

Relationships (1)

Great-nephew → Great-uncle

Addresses (1)

Southampton, Hampshire, Wessex, England